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    Economy Body Specialists is Missoula, MT's premier body shop for auto body work, including collision repair and dent repair. If you have been in an accident and are looking for top of the line auto body work in Missoula, Hamilton or Drummond, MT Economy Body Specialists is here for you.

  • The more things change...

    We won't say exactly when this picture was taken. But what we will tell you is that Economy Body Specialists has been in the auto body work business for over 41 years, over four decades of serving the population of Missoula, MT with high-quality, heartfelt auto body service.

  • The more they stay the same!

    A lot of have things have changed over the years, seasons have changed, the Grizzlies have won and lost, businesses have come and gone. Through it all, Economy Body Specialists has remained, and continued to provide its Missoula, MT customers with the same A+ auto body work they expect!

Your Auto Body Experts
Economy Body Specialists | Missoula, MT, Hamilton, MT and Drummond, MT

Economy Body Specialists is a complete auto body and collision repair center located in Missoula, MT. Collision repair, dent repair and auto body work are our specialties. Whether you need dent repair or need major collision repair in Missoula, MT, Economy Body Specialists is your one stop shop when it comes to auto repair.

Collision Repair | Dent Repair

We’ve been breathing new life into auto bodies and fixtures for almost 40 years.  You can trust that we’ll get it done, and get it done right. In this economy, auto body work not only makes more sense than buying, it’s also the best way to get what you already have brand new again– and at the best price!

See what our customers are saying:

  • “Ron,  Just wanted to let you know Dolores and I appreciate the fine job you did on our truck.  We look at it every day–it is great!” –John


  • “Dear Ron,  The car looks fantabulous!  Thanks for a great job and helping us manage it financially.  Hopefully this will see us through a few good years.” –Catherine


  • “Dear Ron,  Just wanted to thank you for taking care of my truck and my little car, fixing the rear end.  Thanks for caring.” –Faith


  • “Ron-Thanks again.  Great job!  Almost makes me want to wreck my Mazda truck!  Go Griz!” –Dale and Judy


Collision repair can be stressful. Let Economy Body Specialists in Missoula, MT, Hamilton, MT and Drummond, MT take care of all of your auto body work. Don’t wait, call today! (406) 721-4151

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